ISENG kaRena Insomniaa

first time we met IN THE CLUB I’ve already known, we connected to each other.. Conversation just flow like a water and we know that there is something between us. I don’t know how but then I told you bravely : “Hey PRETTY BOY, LET’S GO PARTY..” On that moment, I want you to be mine.

Love burn like a FIRE, came so fast and rock the world of two of us. U came to me and u said: ‘OH MY BABY. please COME BE MY LADY.. be MA GIRL and I promise to stay FOREVER WITH YOU…’ all I could say was I do. DAY BY DAY u make me in love, like a SUNSET GLOW, you lightened up my life.

Lots of Love came to me, but all I can see is u. I don’t even care about the DIRTY CASH, flowers, houses, COTTON CANDY, or other beautiful and sweet things they offered me. All I want is u, WITH YOU I know that the world could felt like HEAVEN.

oh my BOY, I know you are my NUMBER ONE, my V.I.P cuz u treat me nicely like a LADY and give me EVERYTHING. To me you are such a GOOD MAN, ALWAYS show me that WE BELONG TOGETHER FOREVER. We shared everything together, We FALL IN LOVE everyday.. To me u are my best FRIEND and a partner of love. Together we could be so wonderful.. oh I want to STAY TOGETHER with you, forever.

oh baby, LOOK AT ME, LOOK ONLY AT ME, this girl.. SHE CAN’T GET ENOUGH to your love.. give her more..

One day, I imagined wearing a WEDDING DRESS, share happiness, and MAKE LOVE eternally, be ur wife and the mother of your children, wake you up in the morning and say: ‘HELLO, BIG BOY.. I love you more today..’

oh lord, this GOSSIP MAN, the celebrity of my life.. he made my life beautyful like a BUTTERFLY in a garden of heaven and I know I just can’t BREATH without him.

ONE YEAR STATION already, a station of love (maksa banged.. hihihi) shared with you. When suddenly I found that everything was LIE.. Like a BIG BANG booommm on my head (maksssaaaa)and the bird singing in my head ‘LALALA.. wake up honey.. U are such a FOOL girl’..

I found that you are nothing but just a HEARTBREAKER…. Then I cry A FOOLS TEAR.. Realised that u left me here alone. U’re gone, left me.. She comes, well I know SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL but still I think my love is bigger, even if she TRY TO COPY ME and my love, in the end u’ll see, no one gonna loves like I do.. SHE’S GONE with you. take u away from me, and my world suddenly fall. u are totally breakin my world, turn it down. Break it, SHAKE IT, put me low.. And all u can say is just ‘ BABY, I’M SO SORRY’.. Oh my god, u forget everything between us that fast. Don’t even REMEMBER me, pretending AS IF NOTHING WRONG. Just gone and I even don’t know WHERE U AT. Leave me, dump me, BUT I LOVE YOU, still.

THIS LOVE has driving me like a CRAZY DOG.. I try so hard to mend my broken heart, living a life like a SINNER since u left me. TRY SMILING, but still I cannot STAND UP all alone. I need you.. scream and shout “ooh my love, LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE…”.. But I hear nothing, I see no one.. and I miss you.. but you don’t care..

OH MY FRIENDS tell me I should’t cry because of someone like you. I DON’T UNDERSTAND why you do this to me. But from now, I wanna stop crying. Forget u as easy as u forget me. Say LAST FAREWELL to you and all the memories. I DON’T CARE anymore with the past. Right now, I wanna chase my dream, my KOREAN DREAM.. Smile again, build this WONDERFUL life again and be THE LEADER of my own life. No More You. And if one day you come to me again, I’m gonna show you that without you, I’m STRONG BABY. I believe a sweet-like-a-LOLYPOP’s life is waiting me… and I’m gonna be happy..


I wrote this notes last nite, when insomnia attacked me.. Sorry for the wrong grammar or worst english that I use.. Well, This is just for fun… SeMua kata yang berhuruf kapital adalah judul lagu dari dua SINGER GROUP favorit gw dari korea.. BIGBANG dan 2ne1.. hahha.. disambung-sambungin ajah gitu.. gw taruh di notes di facebook sih.. ntah kenapa pengen juga nulisnya disini.. aaaahhhh.. Ooooohhh… INSOMNIA

17 thoughts on “ISENG kaRena Insomniaa

  1. hmmm… kayaknya bukan sekedar iseng, tapi ada unsur pengalaman pribadi-nya juga niyh *sok tau!!*. 😀
    Arti dari station of love apaan, masih ga ngeh hehehe

  2. yaps..penyakit kita sama kak,ditenggah orang pada terlelap kita masih on..!! tapi untungnya sudah berkurang, hehehe..
    update lagi dong kak =D

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